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Cutlery Products sample kit includes all sizes of Wooden Spoon, Fork, Knife & Fruit fork – 2pcs each.

Cutlery Items:

  • Cutlery Set (16cm Spoon + 16cm Fork)
  • Cutlery Set (16cm Spoon + 16cm Fork + Tissue)
  • Wooden Spoon 16cm
  • Wooden Fork 16cm
  • Wooden Knife 16cm
  • Wooden Spoon 14cm
  • Wooden Fork 14cm
  • Wooden Knife 14cm
  • Bamboo Fruit Forks

SAFER FOOD DELIVERY – With prepacked cutlery sets, you can ensure a Zero Contact delivery to your customer.
HIGH QUALITY – Chromogreen Wooden Cutlery is made from Grade A birch wood which is splinter-free and food contact safe. Chomogreen Wooden Spoon, Forks, and Knives are high in quality, strong, and well-finished products.
ECO-FRIENDLY – 100% Disposable, Biodegradable, Compostable, and Renewable
NON-TOXIC – 100% natural and does not contain any plastics or harmful chemicals
CONVENIENT -Simply throw them away after use and have the peace of mind you won’t have with plastic


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****4 stars - based on 250 reviews