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Chromogreen 10 INCH FOOD STEAMER (PACK OF 1)


Category: Bamboo Product
  • Make Delicious Momos Dumplings Wantons Dim Sum With This Chromogreen 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer Box.
  • Steam Vegetable Or Make Steamed Dishes With Just Few Minutes With Chromogreen Bamboo Steamer Box Or Add Herbs To The Water And The Food Will Soak Up The Aromas Of The Herbs, Enhancing The Flavors of Your Meal.
  • Made Up Of Good Quality Bamboo. Soak The Bamboo Steamer In Cold Water For A Few Hours Before Using. Easy to Clean and Maintain. To Clean Bamboo Steamer, Rinse with Water and Dry Thoroughly. Apply A Thin Coat Of Vegetable Oil To Keep Bamboo From Drying Out.
  • Tightly-Woven Bamboo Lid with Loop Handle Keeps Steam Inside Leverages Steam Cooking To Produce Healthy Foods; Avoids Fats and Grease.
  • Size : Diameter : 25 cm


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****4 stars - based on 250 reviews