Product Sample Kit- 5 Kg Samples + Dealership

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  1. All the documents mentioned below in description will be available to download immediately after your online payment.
  2. Download Option will not come if you select COD option. In COD options all the Documents will be sent to you on mail or Whatsup after you confirm that you have received the parcel by calling on +91 8088 224 224.
  3. Also COD will attract Rs 200 ans extra service fees

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What will I get in Sample Kit ?

5kg Water Soluble Sample of 5 sizes + Compostable Material Sample + Organic Food Containers + Paper Bags with Handle & other variety of Products + Dealership Certificate

Sample Kit Price is collected for all the Documents mentioned below with sample Kit. It is not for only product samples.
1. Dealer Certificate to sell our products (Soft Copy)
2. Permanent Dealers Discount Coupon Code.
3. Rs 1000/- Discount coupon code.
4. Dealer Rate.
5. Distributor Rate.
6. 15 Ton capacity Manufacturing Partner 4 pages business plan for with ROI.
7. Technical Material Safety Data fact sheet.
8.Technical Material Data fact sheet.
9. Price Calculator.
10.Price Comparison with other market product
11. Entry to Sales training Webinars ( As and when Scheduled )

Why Order Sample kit?

If you want to become our Dealer or want detailed information on becoming Distributor or Manufacturing Partner you should order our sample Kit. If you pay online you will get a download option to download all the above mentioned documents immediately after the Order is booked online.

Can I order Product Directly and not buy sample Kit ?

Yes, of course you can order here https://chromogreen.com/all-products/ or any other products you want. The MOQ ( Minimum Quantity Order ) is 1 kg per types of bag.

What is the Price of the Product?

The Retail Price for 100% Biodegradable water Soluble bag is 395 Rs per kg. For an idea, if the size of the bag is 10 x 8 inch and thickness is 30 micron then in 1 kg approx 245 pieces of bags will comes. The Bag can hold upto 500 gms to 800 gms weight. The per piece would be Rs 1.61/- .The number of pieces in a kg depends on the size and thickness of the bags. More the thickness and size of bags, lesser will be no of pieces in a kg.
The same size bag for 100% Compostable material (PLA) non soluble in water will cost 320 Rs per kg and, If Bags size is 10 x 8 inch thickness  20 micron then in 1 kg approx 373 pieces of bags will comes. The Bag can hold upto 800 gms weight. The per piece cost would be 85 Paisa.
Please click www.chromogreen.com/shop to check all our products of different size available for purchase. You will be issued Dealers code which you can put in the place of Discount coupon code while ordering and get products at dealers price.

Are these Products certified by CPCB and CIPET?

Yes, All our products are certified by CPCB ( Central Pollution Control Board) and CIPET ( Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology. and also KSPCB ( Karnataka State Pollution Control Board ).
Our CPCB Licence number will be mentioned on all the order we produce except samples.

What are the Dealers and Distributor Opportunity?

The Dealer price is always lesser than Maximum Retail Price of Rs.395 , and distributor price is  even lesser  than the dealer price with attractive margins. The details about dealer and distributor buying price with margins will be in sample kit we do not discuss margins on call or mail. To know margins deposit of 2000 is mandatory by booking of sample kit.
There will be Multiple Dealers in a city but only 1 distributor. The dealer is free to take orders from anywhere in the state. The condition to become a dealer only Rs 2000,  due to the COVID-19 pandemic situations for limited period of time. So hurry up and do not miss the opportunity.
The deposit for distributorship is 5 Lakhs per city. Out of which you will get 4 lacs worth stock and 1 like is non refundable deposit. All the dealers buy from Distributor. As a marketing support, we will appoint min 10 dealers below 1 distributor depending upon the size of the market in interest of our dealers and distributor.

What are the Manufacturing Partner Opportunity?

There will be 1 Manufacturing Partner in a state. A manufacturing partner can associate with us by installing a plant capacity of 15 T per month with an total investment of 1.1 Cr. In 1.25 Cr 70 Lacs will be for Machineries 35 Lacs Raw material and 5 Lacs Consultancy. As a marketing support, we will appoint min 100 Dealers Network before the start of the plant. If this investment is big for you then you can also instal a small cutting and sealing plant with a cost of less than 30 Lacs. You can order sample kit to have a detailed information with ROI calculations.

Can I Just see the samples and then think of becoming a partner or order in Bulk?

If you do not want to order, then the only option to feel the sample in hand is by coming to our office in Bangalore. Soon we are launching our office in all states after our Dealers and Distributor drive is over before December 2020.

Can I Visit the Plant?

Due to your great response for our product and business opportunity we are receiving more than 200 enquires every day who want to visit our plant and discuss. We deeply regret that Due to COVID-19 we are unable to accept all the request.
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