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100 % Biodegradable Hot water Soluble Laundry Bags ( Export Quality ) (Per Kg)


To have your Logo and design on the product, please send your Order copy with design ( Single side single colour )on sales@chromogreen.com for orders above 100kg.

  • Can be custom made upto Width 26 Inches and Length be can be anything.
  • It is 100% How water soluble and can be used with clothes in the machine.
  • The weight bearing capacity is max 5 to 8 kgs.
  • These bags comes without seal king or any thread.
  • Our Hot water soluble products are made from natural starches(TAPIOCA) & vegetable oil derivatives.
  • Are created from a patented mineral and organic-based compound.
  • If littered or misplaced, these biodegradable bags degrade to a non-toxic residue.
  • Recyclable with Paper.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • 100% Plastic Free & Eco-friendly.
  • Made From Starch & Biodegrade Within 180 Days.
  • It’s alternative to plastic which helps to save Nature.
  • These are Non-toxic to the environment, animals and plants.
  • Contains no conventional plastic at all.
  • Has an antistatic feature a dust repellent.
  • Good oxygen barrier a corrosion prevention.
  • Good oil and grease resistance can be used for oil and grease based products.
  • Softens in water at room temperature.
  • Cannot be used for water or milk based products.
  • can handle water sprinkles but not heavy rain.
  • Use alcohol based & heavy metal free printing inks
  • Safe if accidentally consumed by animals or Humans.
  • Certified by Following Government Bodies.


**Any Order Min Delivery Time is 15 Days Maximum Delivery time is 60 Days Production plus transportation.

Weight 1 kg

26" X 39"


Milky White


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****4 stars - based on 250 reviews